Beyond the class room


Co-Curricular Activities
Shempark Public School offers a wide range of activities and programs beyond traditional classroom teaching. The focus here is on improving the confidence of our students, helping them develop their hidden talents by trying out various activities. We Offer:

  • Indian classical dance
  • Yoga
  • Western music
  • Keyboards
  • Archery
  • Skating
  • Sports & games
  • Dramatics
  • Spoken English & presentation skills
  • Special art
  • Craft
  • Spell Bee



All students regularly participate in a wide range of competitive activities. Every month, we have dedicated competition days, where our children compete in a variety of activities including Debating, Dance, Art & Craft, Singing, quizzing, Spell Bee etc.



All the students are members of different clubs like Language club, Maths club, Health & Wellness club and NGC. Weekly once we have club activities for ensuring students skill development.